Our Wines

Chardonnay: This full-bodied Chardonnay captivates you with enticing aromas of rich oak, vanilla, and tropical fruits. On the palate it has flavors of banana, vanilla, butter, and baking spice.

Sauvignon Blanc: This medium-bodied white wine is dry but fruity in style with low residual sugar. It presents with hints of herbaceous aromas of bell pepper, gooseberry, and grass on the nose and with flavors of honeydew melon and white peach on the palate.

Pinot Grigio: This medium-bodied white wine is as refreshing as a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. This dry, zesty white wine has earthy aromas of grass, and green pepper. It surprises you on the palate with flavors of lemon, grapefruit, and honeysuckle.

Riesling: This light-bodied, sweet white wine is easy to drink on a warm sunny day! Expect aromas and notes of jasmine, citrus blossom, honey, and green apple.

Sweet White: This sweet, light-bodied white wine will be a crowd pleaser! It has floral and fruity notes and aromas of honeysuckle, lemon, peach, and orange blossoms. Enjoy summer in a wine glass all year long with our Sweet White!

Peach Wine: Our peach fruit wine is a light bodied, sweet wine bursting with flavors of white stone fruit, a little spice, and all things nice! A summertime staple with floral aromas followed by a smooth and refreshingly sweet palate. Enjoy on its own or even in your summertime mimosa!

Cabernet Franc: A medium-bodied red wine with higher acidity, medium tannins, and a fruit forward flavor profile of plum, raspberry, and cherry.

Cabernet Sauvignon: A full-bodied red wine with great depth, balanced acidity, and healthy tannins. Toasty cedar, tobacco, and vanilla aromas are noted first as you smell this dry red wine.

Malbec: A medium-bodied red wine has aromas of spice, cocoa and cedar. With a flavor profile of plum, cherry, and blackberry followed by a sweet but soft tobacco finish.

Syrah: An earthy and savory, medium-bodied, red wine. On the nose of this wine expect violet fields, berries, chocolate, espresso, clove, and tobacco. On the palate, you will be pleasantly surprised with a burst of black and blue jam with vanilla notes.

Merlot: This full bodied, dry red wine is spicy yet rich! Vanilla, bay leaf, and red currants pull you in on the nose of this wine.

Sweet Red: This delightfully rich, fruity, and even smoky aromatic sweet Zinfandel invites you in with spice and earthy aromas of olives and sweet tobacco on the nose.

Catawba Rose: This hearty variety produces light, sweet, spicy, and floral light-medium bodied Rose. Our Catawba Rose has aromas of berries and spice on the nose. On the palate sweet notes of berries and fresh fruit greet you followed by a bright, smooth finish.

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